Call for tenders – TEN-T (Roads) Performance indicators report

Under the responsibility of WG Performance Indicators, CEDR is launching a call for tenders for support to develop the 2017 TEN-T (road) performance indicators report.

The 2015 TEN-T (Roads) Performance Report was the fourth biennial report that CEDR has published on the performance of the TEN-T (Roads) network within CEDR member countries. The first performance report was published in 2009 and since then, despite being voluntary, 24 of CEDR’s member countries have chosen to participate in at least one of the four reports.  Together, these countries cover approximately 90,000 km of the total 103,000 km TEN-T (Roads) network. This network represents the most important roads in Europe and more than two billion vehicle kilometres are driven on this network every day.

CEDR’s intention in producing these reports is to establish a stable set of data with which to monitor trends and identify changes in the performance of the TEN-T (Roads) network. As such, the report is a particularly useful source of information for individual NRAs, regulatory bodies and others for benchmarking purposes and for setting national performance targets. Hyperion Infrastructure Consultancy ( was the consultant for the reports from 2013-2016.

It is also expected that the performance report and underpinning data will continue to evolve to provide the backbone for the collection, referencing, and graphical representation of any other data required by CEDR (e.g. customer consultation, environmental data, Open Data) in the future. This framework is considered to be the state of the art and represents the best source of performance data on the TEN-T (Roads) network.

The objective of the contract is to provide technical assistance to CEDR.  The Contractor will work under the responsibility of CEDR’s Working Group Performance to provide guidance for the Executive Board.

The call for tender is published on the TED (the supplement of the Official Journal of the EU). The deadline for submission of tenders is 17 May 2017. The evaluation of proposals will be made on the basis of the the criteria – technical proposal, capacity/experience and financial proposal – evaluated by the CEDR working group.

It is foreseen the initial work includes;
Collate and assemble the TEN-T Performance Report 2017

  • Prepare and issue material to NRAs to support production of 2017 Performance Report
  • Assist CEDR members in implementation of location referencing model and provision of performance data
  • Collect, process and analyse performance data including – at a minimum – the base data shown in appendix 2 of the 2015 report.
  • Checking the data as submitted by reporting organisations; cross checking with other reliable sources and requesting adjustments/explanations, where relevant.
  • Reviewing available sources of information (databases, annual reports etc) for relevant country/NRA information.
  • Examine other KPI & benchmarking projects that provide advice for subsequent work.
  • Preparing the benchmarking report including:
    • An assessment of the benchmarking framework and the IT tool as they stand
    • Present a package of background information per member.
    • Data analysis
    • Present conclusions on European level
    • Present conclusions per CEDR member
    • Recommendations for the next steps.
  • Draft TEN-T (Roads) Performance Report 2017 and issue by June 2018.

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2017-04 TEN-T Tender V2
April 10, 2017
2017-04 TEN-T Tender V2
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