EC Public consultation on assessment mechanism for large infrastructure projects.

The European Commission’s DG GROW has launched a public consultation on its plans to introduce an ex ante assessment mechanism for the public procurement procedures of large infrastructure projects. The consultation is aimed at national ministries and authorities etc.

DG GROW has published a  Roadmap on Voluntary ex ante assessment mechanism of the procurement aspects of certain large-scale infrastructure projects.  Simultaneously it launched a public consultation on the proposed measures.  These measures would consist of three elements:

1) a helpdesk for specific questions on public procurement for these large-scale infrastructure projects.

2) a notification mechanism to reassure those responsible for the project that their procurement strategy and planned procedures are in line with EU rules.

3) a mechanism for exchanging information on projects between Member States and/or project promoters

The consultation is open until 14/04/2017 and is available through the DG GROW website.


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