EC Public consultation on Building the European data economy

The European Commission adopted a Communication on “Building a European Data Economy”, accompanied by a Staff Working Document on 10th January 2017, where it:

  • looks at the rules and regulations impeding the free flow of data and present options to remove unjustified or disproportionate data location restrictions, and
  • outlines legal issues regarding access to and transfer of data, data portability and liability of non-personal, machine-generated digital data.

The European Commission has launched a public consultation and dialogue with stakeholders on these topics to gather further evidence. This process will help identify future policy or legislative measures that will unleash Europe’s data economy.

Numerous applications of data for road transport applications are, or can be considered, including data from connected & automated vehicles, access to mobile telephone data and access to commercial data for public interest purposes.


Source: Public consultation on Building the European data economy | Digital Single Market


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