CEDR EB appoints a leader of Working Group Road Safety

Mr Jeremy Phillips from Highways England has been appointed by the Executive Board as the leader of CEDR’s WG Road Safety.

Jeremy is currently the Head of Road User Safety at Highways England and has also worked as Director of Research at Road Safety GB and as Team Manager at the Devon County Council. With Highways England topping the latest table for road safety on European motorways, Jeremy is more than adequately qualified to lead CEDR’s road safety activities by national road agencies (NRAs).

Jeremy takes over the lead from Mr Herman Moning of the Dutch Rijkswaterstaat who stood down after four years as leader of CEDR’s WG Road Safety. During those four years, the WG shared knowledge and best practices on cost efficient road safety solutions and acted as the eyes and ears of NRAs with regards to European and global developments in road safety such as the international cooperation in implementing the RISM-I and RISM-II Directives.

As Jeremy takes over, the WG will be devoting even more attention to CEDR’s road safety vision and challenges aiming to further improve safety of road infrastructure, protect vulnerable road users and deploy the so much needed intelligent transport systems (ITS).


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