CEDR Research Call 2020 is open!

CEDR Research Call 2020 is open as of 20 November 2020 with the following two research programmes: Impact of CAD on Safe Smart Roads, and Resource Efficiency and the Circular Economy.

The CEDR Transnational Research Programme (TRP) operates through a series of annual transnational calls on topics that address the needs of European road authorities. The aim is to produce research results that can be implemented by CEDR members and contribute to a safe, sustainable and efficient road network across Europe.  It is funded by CEDR members on a voluntary basis. Participation is open to any legal entity, though all consortia must be led by a legal entity from a European country.

Call Topics

Call 2020 will have two research programmes:

  1. Impact of CAD on Safe Smart Roads
  2. Resource Efficiency and the Circular Economy

These programmes were prepared via extensive consultation among CEDR members about their research needs under these topics.

Impact of CAD on Safe Smart Roads

The aim of this research programme is to prepare the national road authorities on future challenges of connectivity, digitalization and automation to get to an autonomously well-managed traffic flow. If NRAs do not act proactively, the vehicle manufacturers will determine the automation of traffic flow alone, the NRAs will fall behind and huge investment will be needed to safeguard NRAs’ objectives. NRAs goals and roles in the Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility of the future must be clear. Exchange of data, digital twins and the digital road operator are now hot topics in the European Commission. NRAs need to determine and act before other parties decide in our place where we need to invest.

This research programme has the following sub-themes:

a. Digital infrastructure
b. Connectivity
c. Traffic management

Resource Efficiency and the Circular Economy

The aim of this research programme is to accelerate the transition of the road infrastructure sector in Europe, from linear economy, into resource efficient circular economy. Circular economy will imply profound changes in matters such as organisational and business models, basis for decisions and manufacturing and construction processes. If national road authorities combine efforts and harmonise standards in demand, the construction sector will be enabled to take the necessary steps. The national road authorities need to develop new management models across everyday business activities, public procurement that will foster circular solutions and new products based on renewable or recyclable materials.

This research programme has the following sub-themes:

a. Measuring and managing performance
b. Public procurement to foster circular innovation
c. Material research for roadside infrastructure

Programme Management

Call 2020 will be launched and managed by the CEDR member from Denmark – the Danish Road Directorate.

All questions about the launch of Call 2020 should be directed to the Programme Manager: Per Antvorskov, Danish Road Directorate, pnt@vd.dk

Official Information

A pre-announcement of the launch of Call 2020 has been made on the Official Journal of the European Union here.

Full information on the Call, including the Description of Research Needs, is published on the website of the Programme Manager here.

The deadline for submissions is 26 February 2021 at 12:00 hours CET. 

Briefing session

A briefing session will be held on 15 December 2020 from 11:00 CET until 12:00 CET. The session will be held as a webinar. At the webinar the authors of the DoRNs and the Danish Road Directorate will provide information about CEDR Call 2020.

To the extent possible, questions should be asked by email before the session, and questions asked during the session should subsequently be forwarded by email.

The Tenderers are kindly asked to sign up for the briefing session before 10 December 2020 (12 noon CET) by sending an e-mail to tdj@vd.dk. Once you have signed up, you will receive an invitation including information about how to log on to the briefing session.


PIARC Call for Proposals

Alongside CEDR’s Call 2020, PIARC (the World Road Association) has launched a complementary call that includes the dimension of Smart Roads Classification (expanding this beyond Europe and especially to LMICs ), as well as Bridges and tunnels strikes by oversize vehicles. PIARC’s call closes on 25 January 2021 and full information on the call is available here.


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