Release of preliminary version of the 5G SDA for CAM

The European Commission (DG CNECT) has announced the release of the preliminary version of the 5G Strategic Deployment Agenda for Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) and the roll-out of 5G corridors.

In response to the initiative of the 5G Public Private Partnership, a joint Commission and European ICT industry initiative, to develop a collaborative drafting of a 5G Strategic Deployment Agenda for CAM, NRAs from CEDR took up the invitation to collaborate. Since October 2019, our Connected and Automated Driving (CAD) working group has been actively contributing to the developments and representing the interests of national road authorities (NRAs).

The progression and adaptation road operators will have to go through until CAM becomes a common sight will be a major point on CEDR’s schedule in the coming years. Improvement in connectivity are paramount to success and a coordinated effort between industry and public bodies throughout all phases of development and deployment will be beneficial to all stakeholders.

This preliminary version of the SDA complements the on-going deployment activities in the context of C-ITS and Cooperative and Connected Automated Mobility (CCAM), with a clear focus on cellular, 5G-based mobile networks and enablers across borders in the European Union and the rest of Europe. The work of the group of stakeholders will continue over the next months and a final version of the document will then be developed. A final document will then be reviewed by all CEDR members for their approval.  In parallel, CEDR ‘s WG CAD continues to provide background and guidance to members on a range of closely related developments.

The importance of infrastructure hereby offering a proven physical and evolving digital network to build upon for automated driving are a major highlight for us. In order to provide relevant strategic guidance on this matter CEDR remains fully behind accompanying the endeavours of this group on further keeping the 5G SDA up-to-date and build a shared vision of 5G in context of CAM and reflecting the challenges and opportunities for NRAs and the services they provide.

The development of a 5G ecosystem for CAM and key drivers for infrastructure roll-out will be points to focus on in the further development of this document for us. CEDR’s CAD working group will therefore continue to be part of and provide input to the drafting team.

CEDR is looking forward towards further cooperation with our partners in this.


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