CEDR Call 2015 “User Needs in a Multimodal Context”publishes Final Programme Report

CEDR Contractor Report 2020-01 is the final programme report for CEDR Transnational Road Research Programme Call 2015: User Needs in a Multimodal Context.

The aim of this research programme was to advance the understanding of the motives of transport users by national road authorities, the needs of users for choosing different transport modes, and the impacts of appropriate incentives for a modal shift.

Two projects were funded within this programme:

• ISAAC – Stimulating safe walking and cycling within a multimodal transport environment – which focused on the consideration of vulnerable road users in a multimodal context
• STTRIDE – Smarter Travel Technology Review for Investment Decisions – which investigated the impact of new technologies on modal choice.

This Contractor Report is available here, while further information on this programme can be found here.


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