Infravation Programme publishes CEDR Contractor Report

CEDR Contractor Report 2019-04 titled “Infravation Summary Report” outlines the main achievements and conclusions of Infravation, the ERA-NET Plus action on infrastructure innovation, which ran from 2014 to 2018.

The aim of the Infravation Programme was to support research that would generate by 2018 near-market ready innovative solutions for today’s road infrastructure problems while improving the cost-performance ratio of the infrastructure by 50 per cent.

The European Union’s ERA-NET Plus (European Research Area Network – Plus) tool was used to organise a joint transnational call for research proposals, thereby generating new transnational research in the field of road infrastructure (e.g. pavements, bridges, and tunnels) in areas where research gaps had been identified.

This Contractor Report is available here, while further information on the Infravation Programme can be found here.


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