Information on road transport during the COVID19 emergency.

Road authorities are united in working with the road transport sector in ensuring that medical supplies, food and other essential goods deliveries are maintained during these difficult times. This post will be updated with relevant information throughout the crisis. We will not be able to address all issues but together with our members and partners organisations will attempt to provide information and welcome further contributions.

You will find here a list of some of the issues identified relevant issues to ensuring important road freight operations.  We welcome all contributions to the list which is organised alphabetically and not in importance.

Updated 29/4/2020 (14:30 CEST)

Border crossings. EU member states have agreed measures on ‘green corridors’ – priority lanes for freight transport and the EC has published guidance.  The also EC maintains information on Schengen zone border controls. Specific information is available for a number of  countries, eg. Finland, Poland and Portugal.

Connected and automated transport. In CEDR, work is still progressing with developments on connected and automated transport.  Whilst most systems are not currently considered mature for routine use and trials are ongoing,  consideration might be given to extending ongoing trials of platooning of trucks on specific routes if this might become necessary.

Dangerous goods. We welcome input on crisis related measures in the transport of dangerous goods including oxygen etc. See also EC dangerous goods website

Disaster Information Management for Road Administrators.  PIARC has made available its report on Disaster Information Management for Road Administrators.

Drivers’ hours and resting times. Euro Control Route has published this table of notifications of temporary exceptions received in relation to driving and rest times.

Multimodal transport. Where practical maritime and rail transport can complement or road transport.  More information on this will be included.

Travel and Delivery restrictions. Some authorities have announced relaxation on environmental restrictions including noise limits to allow night-time deliveries. For example, Switzerland is giving the transport of essential supplies a derogation from night-time and Sunday driving bans.  More information is welcomed.

Traffic information. NRAs are maintaining their national traffic information systems.  NRAs are reporting much less (passenger) traffic with much reduced congestion except at some national border crossings.  More information will be included when available.

Truck Parking, service and rest areas. CEDR members continue their ongoing work to develop truck parking information systems of which a number are provided here.

Weights and Dimensions. Many member countries have more generous national permissions than are permitted under EU legislation for cross-border operation.  CEDR examined elements on access policies in the FALCON project.  We welcome contributions of applications of this.


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