WG Performance Presentation at CEDR EB

On 5 December 2019, the Chairman of CEDR’s WG Performance of Road Network, Mr Jan Pettersson, presented all relevant developments to CEDR’s Executive Board.

Mr Pettersson’s presentation focused on CEDR’s upcoming TEN-T Report 2019 and the Road Network Performance Report 2021.

TEN-T Report 2019:

  • A new consulting company (Hyperion) was appointed in summer 2019 to support the production of the report.
  • Data for the report have been received from 19 countries – 3 countries have not delivered their data yet.
  • The final draft of the report will be presented to CEDR’s EB in June 2020 (Budapest, Hungary).

The Road Network Performance Report 2021 will consist of a summary report and a detailed technical report. The WG’s goal is to include in the 2021 report new KPIs on congestion, safety, environment and costs.

Mr Pettersson also highlighted the WG’s GIS Web Tool which can be found here.


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