Call for Tenders – Support to CEDR Performance Working Group

On 17 May 2019, CEDR launched a call for tenders for technical support to its Performance Working Group.

The 2017 TEN-T (Roads) Performance Report was the fifth biennial report that CEDR published on the performance of the TEN-T (Roads) network within CEDR member countries. The first performance report was published in 2009 and since then, despite being voluntary, 24 of CEDR’s 27 member countries have chosen to participate in at least one of the five reports.  Together, these countries cover approximately 90,000 km of the total 103,000 km TEN-T (Roads) network. This network represents the most important roads in Europe and more than two billion vehicle kilometres are driven on this network every day.

CEDR’s intention in producing these reports is to establish a stable set of data with which to monitor trends and identify changes in the performance of the TEN-T (Roads) network. As such, the report is a particularly useful source of information for individual NRAs, regulatory bodies and others for benchmarking purposes and for setting national performance targets.

It is also expected that the performance reports and underpinning data will continue to evolve to provide the backbone for the collection, referencing, and graphical representation of any other data required by CEDR (e.g. customer consultation, environmental data, Open Data) in the future. This framework is considered to be the state of the art and represents the best source of performance data on the TEN-T (Roads) network.

The objective of the contract is to provide technical assistance to CEDR.  The Contractor will work under the responsibility of CEDR’s Performance Working Group to provide guidance for the Executive Board.

The call for tender is published on the TED (the supplement of the Official Journal of the EU). The deadline for submission of tenders is 14 June 2019. The evaluation  will be based on the following criteria: quality and understanding of the technical proposal, overall qualifications and experience, and  price (overall and hourly rate).

The work will include;

Finalisation of the definition of Performance Indicators for 2019 Report

  • Assisting Working Group in defining indicators for 2019 Performance Report
  • Finalising the indicators following the summer 2021 meeting of CEDR’s Executive Board

Performance Report 2019

  • Preparing and issuing material to support the production of the 2019 Performance Report
  • Assisting CEDR members in the implementation of location referencing models and provisions of performance data
  • Assisting CEDR members in suggesting and implementing KPIs for TENT-networks on linklevel and KPIs on aggregate level
  • Supporting the Working Group in creating clear definitions for the KPIs
  • Examining other KPIs & benchmarking projects that can provide input to the Working Group.
  • Collecting, processing and analysing performance data
  • Checking the data as submitted by reporting organisations and requesting adjustments, where relevant.
  • Preparing benchmarking reports including:
    • An assessment of the benchmarking framework and IT tool
    • A presentation of a package of background information per member
    • A data analysis
    • A presentation of conclusions on European level
    • A presentation of conclusions per member
    • Recommendations for next steps
  • Drafting a TEN-T Performance Report and addressing it at CEDR’s summer 2020 Executive Board meeting
  • Using UK format


  • Updating the GIS-tool with new KPIs on link-level (language used is Python)
  • Updating excel file and sending them to members to deliver data
  • Preparing shape-files and uploading mebers data into the GIS-tool
  • Doing quality checks in cooperation with the members

On-line tool

  • Updating the on-line tool with new KPIs (language used is Java)
  • Supporting members in performing quality checks of data.
  • Continuing to develop the reporting function of the tool in cooperation with the Working Group.

General Activities

  • Attending and supporting the WG-leader at the meetings of the Working Group in reporting progress on the 2019 Performance Report and receiving direction as necessary
  • Providing information to support other activities undertaken by the Working Group with regards to the 2019 Performance Report as necessary
  • Organising and attending Project Management meetings with the Client Representative ; 4 physical and 4 skype meetings per year.
CEDR Performance WG Tender 2019
May 7, 2019
CEDR Performance WG Tender 2019
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