TEN-T (Roads) Performance GIS web map

WG 3.5 Performance of Road Network has developed a GIS web map to support the visualisation of collected data and to give higher visibility to CEDR’s valuable ‘TEN-T (Roads) Performance Report’.

CEDR has for a number of years produced a Performance report regarding the TENT-network. The working group ”Performance” has now improved the report and developed a GIS-tool so CEDR members can in a very user friendly system see the Performance indicators displayed on maps for Europe, single members or the corridors. It is also possible to choose the indicators and select members you want to compare with. Historical data from 2011 is also gathered in the system so it is already possible to see some trends and do interesting analysis.

I am really glad that we now can present a modern and user friendly tool to present our work regarding the TENT-network. I invite the members to start using the system and help us to finetune it and I hope it will already be of good support for the members to do benchmarking. We in the working group ”Performance” are also preparing a second step with a web-based tool that will give the members even more possibilities to do benchmarking not just for the TENT-network but also for the members entire strategical networks. I want to thank the active group members for a great job and welcome all CEDR members to take part in this work.” Jan Pettersson, Chair of the working group.

The system is administrated by the CEDR office and found at the CEDR website.


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