CEDR Action Plan 2019-2021

CEDR’s rolling three-year action plan (Action Plan 2019-2021) has been launched and details the almost thirty activities (working groups, programmes and projects etc) for 2019 and beyond.

In addressing the Strategic Goals of the organisation, the core focus areas of CEDR activities remain organized in five focus areas:

  1. Digitalisation and innovation.
  2. Environment and resilience.
  3. Safety, operations, mobility and performance.
  4. Resources and asset management.
  5. Regulation and harmonization.

The new activities include the two 2018 research programmes on Noise and BIM as well as a new working group on Network Governance that builds and expands on some of the results of the completed AM4INFRA project.

Further information of the activities can be found in the Activities tab of the menu under Activities and, for members, full details in the internal members area.



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