CEDR appoints Action Plan Committee for 2019

At the 46th meeting of the CEDR Executive Board held in Luxembourg, delegates appointed the Action Plan Committee for 2019.

The Action Plan 2019-2021 is CEDR’s three-year rolling plan of activities.  This lists working groups, programme executive boards (or PEBs responsible for managing the individual research programme) as well as workshops.  The Action Plan details CEDR’s work in five focus areas.  The Action Plan committee supervises the activities and consists of the members from the three countries presiding over CEDR during the three-year period plus five Focus Area Coordinators responsible for their allocated activities.   The 2019 Action Plan Committee comprises;

Sweden (Chair 2019): Hans Ring
Switzerland: Werner Jeger (supported by Franziska Heer)
United Kingdom: Nicola Debnam

FAC 1 (Innovation and Digitalisation): Gert Ahé (DK)
FAC 2 (Environment and resilience): Gilles Didier (LU)
FAC 3 (Safety, Mobility, Traffic and Performance): Roman Limbach (DE)
FAC 4 (Resources and Asset Management): Gert Ahé – acting
FAC 5 (Harmonisation and Regulations): Marit Due (NO)


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