S1 EU Law-making

According to its new Vision, CEDR works to become a more reliable Stakeholder for the European Commission (EC) and Institutions on matters related to roads.

Given the impact of EU law-making on the work of the National Road Administrations (NRAs), CEDR has considered it necessary to take measures to increase its knowledge about the initiatives of the EC and to promote cooperation with the EU institutions.

The aim of this Technical Group is:

  • To survey the main legislative and non-legislative initiatives of the EC in scope of the NRAs,
  • To elaborate (also through the involvement of other existing CEDR’s Technical Groups or CEDR’s Ad Hoc Groups) in-depth analysis of their consequences for the NRAs.

The drive of the activity carried out by Technical Group “The EU law-making process” is that by working together NRAs can better decide if action is necessary in this field with respect to relevant issues of competence. With reference to the EC’s Proposals of Directives and Regulations, the main objective of this work is to advise CEDR’s Statutory Bodies on the opportunity/need to feed proper information into the work stream of the EC before the legislative acts are adopted.



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