N1 – Performance

Performance indicators and the TEN-T road network

On the basis of the work completed in SP1 and SP2, the aim of Task 3 in SP3 should be to further enhance the performance reporting framework with destination to EB, GB and also to the European Commission, on a basic set of “performance indicators” (such as geometry, traffic, etc.).

In the framework of the TEN-T guidelines, additional reporting requirements have been set from the Member States towards the European Commission.

This task group should, where necessary, adapt its reporting framework to the requirements set by the EC’s database TENtec in order to simplify the work to be done by Member States.

It should also support the work of other groups within CEDR, engage with the work done in the EC regarding the TEN-T road network, and support CEDR members in issues relating to TEN-T road data and finally perform continuous reporting to the EB and GB.

It is further proposed to develop an additional set of Performance Indicators (PI) based on clear data definitions and improved data collection methods.

Goals to be achieved

  • Define and maintain PIs for the TEN-T road network: Indicators based on clear road data definitions and procedures for collecting data. This data can be used for daily operational activities of NRA’s, for monitoring policy objectives, and for undertaking comparisons between CEDR Member States at strategic (EC) as well as at an NRA level.
  • Develop and continue to improve and implement the internal performance reporting framework for the TEN-T road network developed in SP1 and SP2. If necessary, adapt the framework to the needs of the European Commission’s reporting framework.
  • Act as the primary source within CEDR of data about the TEN-T road network and provide data wherever possible to other groups within CEDR. 
  • Promote and support the use of the tools developed in SP1 & 2 as part of the performance reporting framework, including the location referencing system, to help MS to meet their on-going data reporting obligations.
  • Engage with EC to promote the wider use of the tools developed in SP1 & 2 as the basis for road data reporting and open an effective communication channel to discuss potential improvements to data, performance indicators, etc.
  • Act as an expert group, informing the GB and EB about developments and issues relating to road data that may affect CEDR members and advising on potential solutions, such as the implementation of the Inspire Directive (Ref. 2007/2/2/EC).

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