Employee Exchange Programme

In November 2016, we hosted a kick- off session for HR professionals in Utrecht,
the Netherlands. We are calling on all CEDR members to send someone to attend, and take
a big step towards personal exchange and professional development.

More information about the kick-off session click here.

The ambition of CEDR’s Human Resources activity is to create opportunities for professional exchange. Professional exchanges between NRAs involve an employee of one NRA going abroad for a period of time, to work for another NRA. With this exchange, we hope to contribute to the goals mentioned below.

What do we want to achieve

Twenty-seven countries are represented in the CEDR network. Our goal is to strengthen each other and to act more and more as one organization on international subjects concerning roads and transportation. One way of reaching these goals is the international exchange of employees. With the exchange of employees we want to accomplish:

  • Sharing valuable knowledge. Why do we reinvent the wheel over and over, if we can also ask our colleagues in other countries who already dealt with a certain issue. ‘Sharing knowledge is the new property’.
  • Professional development of our employees by giving them the opportunity to gain international experience. It also strengthens our international network!
  • The image of our road directorates. The shortage of qualified personnel is becoming more and more a problem, especially on specific specializations. The possibility of working in an international context is appealing. We show that personal and professional development is taken very serious within the NRAs!
  • Building a network between NRAs.


CED has created a toolkit with useful documents to help NRA colleagues when sending someone on an exchange. The toolkit consists of:

  1. Candidate Qualities: A list of qualities that a successful exchange candidate should possess.
  2. Code of Conduct: Outlines the ethical and social norms, responsibilities, etc. that are expected during the exchange.
  3. Responsibilities: An overview of the responsibilities of all parties
  4. Final feedback forms: To be completed after an exchange is completed.
  5. Exchange contract: A standard contract
  6. Recommendation Form: To be filled out by the sending country, recommending an exchange candidate
  7. Motivation Form: To be filled out by the recommended exchange candidate
  8. Job posting: A template and example of a job posting
  9. Welcome to … : Documents that provide extra information about the participating countries

Below you will find the documents in our Toolkit:


Additional information:

Article From Denmark To Qatar - Paw Nielsen
September 26, 2016
Article From Denmark To Qatar - Paw Nielsen
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Prezi CEDR Exchange Program
September 26, 2016
Prezi CEDR Exchange Program
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September 8, 2016
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