Action Plan activities

FA4 Resources & Asset Management

The fourth Focus Area, namely Resources, and Asset Management addresses the CEDR Strategic Objective:

To facilitate and optimize the efficient use of resources, making the best use of existing infrastructures.


Road Directors face the challenge of efficiently maintaining and developing their national road infrastructure within the European network. This must be optimised against the finances available, the performance criteria expected of them, and the capacity and skills of their staff and contractors. FA4 seeks to provide solutions for this key challenge. The activities include the challenges and opportunities of new procurement approaches.
The 2020 activities for FA 4. Resources and Asset Management are;

4.1 Working Group – Procurement and finance
4.2 Pilot project on Public procurement of innovation
4.3 Asset Management and maintenance (AM4INFRA)
4.4 Research Call 2014 – Asset Management and maintenance
4.5 Research Call 2015 – Asset Information Using BIM
4.6 Human resources/Professional development workshops
4.7 Research Call 2017 – Collaborative Planning of Infrastructure Networks and Spatial Development
4.8 Working Group – Network Governance

Chapters of FA4 Resources & Asset Management


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