CEDR is recruiting an Action Plan Communication & Coordination Officer

We are relaunching the call for applications for this post. Working within the Brussels secretariat, the APCCO will assist the effective coordination of CEDR’s Action Plan activities, working with our experts, to maintain coherent advice to the Governing Board and National Road Authorities. Call closed 15/1/19.

The overarching objectives pursued by this new staff member are;
1. To improve the added value of the Action Plan 2019-2021 to the National Road Authorities (NRAs),
2. To improve communication of CEDR activities, internally and externally,
3. and to improve the implementation in the NRAs of the outcomes of the CEDR activities including (but not limited to) those related to research.

The tasks of the potential temporary staff member are based on the need for;
• Timely information and clarity about the effective progress of Action Plan activities
• A proper mechanism for ensuring quality supervision of the outputs, the required information collected and assessed within the deadlines set.
• Effective coordination of AP activities to ensure coherent advice to the GB and NRAs avoiding conflicting objectives and duplication.

A basic element of this is targeted information and dedicated communication. That would certainly be a core task for the staff member given that the two pillars as set out above will be addressed by the temporary staff member.

Another important element for delivery is the ability of the Focus Area Coordinators (FACs) to focus on strategic matters and this ensuring deliveries in line with the Strategic objectives as elaborated and decided by the GB. Likewise it is important to ensure coordination and avoid silo thinking among activities.

The rolling CEDR Action Plan (AP) is updated every year, so it always covers a three-year period into the future.

The CEDR Executive Board (EB) delegates specific actions of this process to the Action Plan Committee (APC) which consists of the current and incoming EB chairs for the next two years plus five Focus Area Coordinators (FAC) who are elected EB members responsible for each of the five Focus Areas of the AP.
All in all, this leads up to the following task which should be covered:

General role of the APCCO
• To support the continuity in benefit for all CEDR, the APC is supported by the Secretariat’s AP communication and coordination manager (APCCO) .
• Through the APC supported by the APCCO, the EB governs the process of monitoring, updating and drafting the AP
• The APCCO shall support the FACs in providing regular updates about the development of the different tasks as a input to APC. The APCCO will communicate regularly with Activity Leaders;         primarily the Working Group Leaders (and in cooperation with the Transnational Research Coordinator the relevant Programme Executive Boards running the annual research programme).
• The APCCO will support CEDR activities in the organisation and development of the Transport Research Arena (TRA).
• The APCCO works in close cooperation with other members of the Secretariat and the APC, in particular the Chairman of the APC and FACs.

Tasks for the APCCO
• The APCCO will support the FACs about the FA status report and FA annual assessment report
• APCCO together with the appointed Activity Leader, will be involved in supporting activity descriptions:
o Working groups, which develop studies, reports, or deliver specific analysis or services for CEDR or the NRAs.
o Cooperation with the TRPC on Research Projects managed by PEBs
o Collaboration projects.
o Networking and technical events such as seminars or workshops.
o Benchmarking and / or technical publications.
o Any other initiative that may be considered of interest by CEDR GB
• The APCCO will coordinate an Annual Report analysing the performance and objectives met during last year term with elements of encouraging/supporting implementation of the work of each finished action
• The APCCO will maintain all elements of the CEDR website relevant to the AP including updated activity descriptions and relevant Assessment Indicators for assessment of AP
• Together with the AL, FAC and Sec-Gen, the APCCO will prepare studies, benchmarking and / or technical publications. For a more nimble and flexible formal base than working groups, these        activities are a key tool for CEDR to deliver on its strategic objectives and services for the benefit of NRAs.
• In support of specific AP activities and to ‘stay ahead of the curve’, the APCCO will assist in following EU activities including relevant legislative and policy activities. This will contribute to the work of CEDR’s EU legislation support group and requires attending meetings, seminars and workshops of the European Commission, European Parliament and key stakeholders and reporting (including through the website) to CEDR members. This will include cooperation with relevant European and international stakeholders to keep aware of issues related to the AP.

The APCCO undertakes the necessary coordination, dissemination and secretarial work of the APC and ensures that the activities of the AP development and monitoring are completed on time and to the required quality.

To achieve this, CEDR requires a self-motivated individual to join its Brussels office.  For the right candidate a full-time or part-time position is available. The successful applicant will be hard-working, self-motivated and able and willing to travel extensively in Europe. At least 2-3 years of experience of international cooperation activities and/or the road transport sector combined with a high-level of written and spoken English is required; a good level of French would be an advantage.   The post will be reviewed after three-years.

Applications should be sent directly to the Marta Gattini (marta.gattini – at – cedr.eu) with a letter of motivation and curriculum vitae detailing their relevant experience.

Applicants from National Road Authorities will be automatically shortlisted for interview.

The deadline for applications is January 15th and interviews should be expected immediately thereafter. Candidates will be asked to be available to take up the post before the end of March 2019 .

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August 22, 2018
APCCO description v2
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