CEDR Road Traffic noise symposium

Over 75 delegates from road authorities,, research and consultancies and EC attended a lively symposium organised by the CEDR Road Noise Group to present their recent outputs.

Hosted by the Danish Road Directorate, Gert Ahe welcomed delegates to the symposium on May 15-16.  With presentations from CEDR experts from Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium (Flanders and Wallonia) and Sweden as well as the European Environment Agency, Danish Cancer Society, Swiss Environment Office and others the scope was wide ranging.

Wiebe Alberts highlighted the publication of the latest CEDR Technical reports on Cost Benefit/Cost Effectiveness Analysis, on low-noise pavements and noise barriers.

Day One of the end focused on issues such as the consequences of noise in terms of health and annoyance and then the cost-effectiveness analysis.

Day Two addressed the noise barrier issues and low-noise pavements.

Further details including the presentations are available on the event webpage 


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