Publication of three Technical Reports on noise

Three Technical Reports on road noise have been published by CEDR on 31 January. The reports address the importance to National Road Authorities of noise reducing pavements, noise barriers as well as cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis.

The Technical Reports are the output of the work of experts from CEDR Task Group on Noise (2013-2017) supported by the activities of CEDR’s Transnational Research programme.

TR2017-01 Noise reducing pavements primarily focuses on the collection, dissemination, implementation and use of results from research and development of noise-reducing pavements from recent innovative research projects undertaken within specific CEDR member states. The report can be seen as a handbook presenting the European state of the art in the mid-2010s. The target group for this report is road engineers, planners and decision makers.

TR2017-02 Noise barriers is to assist NRAs in the planning, building and maintaining processes of noise barriers. The first part is dedicated to the different acoustic and non-acoustic standards and guidelines used to insure performance. The second focuses on the types of barriers, looking at the aesthetic appeal, shapes and materials with a reference to the experience from the CEDR member countries. The last chapter offers a review of recent research projects on noise reducing devices.

TR2017-03 Cost benefit analysis and Cost-effectiveness analysis presents an introduction to economical assessment methods in general and their potential role in the decision-making process of noise impact assessments or implementation of noise mitigation measures in national road administrations.

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