I7 – Staff development

National Road Administration (NRA) face challenges in recruitment of their future workforce. CEDR Task Group I7 will develop a joint Human Resource (HR)-program. This will allow participating NRAs to exchange engineering students to carry out their thesis work or support internships of more experienced NRA staff. The program will also include exchange opportunities for employees. This all will promote the attractiveness of NRAs as a future employer.

In the course of SP3 (2013-2017) NRAs will experience serious problems with workforce. NRAs will face challenges in recruiting, developing and the retention of their future workforce. One reason for this is a general lack of interest in engineering studies. Currently only 2 in 10 students opt for a study in the field of engineering. Society needs 4 in 10 students to select an engineering study. Also NRAs engineers require extra skill sets that currently are not included in the curricula of most technical studies.

The goals of this task group are:

  • To develop a joint HR-program for the European NRAs to become more attractive employers among students;
  • To promote civil engineering and other engineering studies among young people to provide NRAs, contractors, and consultants with a well-qualified future workforce;
  • To increase mutual knowledge and exchange of expertise amongst NRAs through an exchange programme for employees;
  • To have CEDR operating as a platform for an exchange programme.

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