The aim of this research programme is to investigate what transformational change automation will create for National Road Authorities (NRA’s). Specifically what new opportunities will automation produce and what core business changes are required to unlock these opportunities?

This research will focus on crosscutting automation up to 2040 that supports:

  1. Road safety
  2. Traffic efficiency
  3. Environment
  4. Customer service

The call has three sub-themes:

A: How will automation change the core business of NRA’s?
B: What new options do NRAs have from digitalisation and automation
C: Practical learnings for NRAs from test sites

Following an open Call between November 22, 2017, and March 1, 2018, the Programme Executive Board selected three successful projects.

MANTRA – Making full use of Automation for National road TRansport Authorities

Project Partners: TRAFICON (Coordinator; Finland), Arndt (Germany), HiTec (Austria), University of Leeds (UK), TU Delft (Netherlands) and VTT (Finland)

Project results:

DIRIZON – Advanced options for authorities in the light of automation and digitalisation horizon 2040

Project Partners: TNO (Coordinator; Netherlands), Albrecht (Germany), ROD (Ireland), AustriaTech (AustriaTech)

Project results:

STAPLE – SiTe Automation Practical Learning

Project Partners: FEHRL (Coordinator; Belgium), AIT (Austria), ERICA (Portugal), IFSTTAR (France), Maple Consulting (UK), VTI (Sweden)

Project results:

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