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CEDR is recruiting an Action Plan Communication & Coordination Officer

We are relaunching the call for applications for this post. Working within the Brussels secretariat, the APCCO will assist the effective coordination of CEDR’s Action Plan activities, working with our experts, to maintain coherent advice to the Governing Board and National Road Authorities.

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CEDR 2018-01 Trans-European Road Network TEN-T (Roads) 2017 Performance Report
November 7, 2018
14.9 MiB

CEDR's intention in producing the TEN-T (Roads) Performance Report is to establish a stable set of data with which to monitor trends and identify changes in the performance of the TEN-T road network. This is the fifth biennial TEN-T (Roads) Performance Report which illustrates the value that CEDR members attach to the information to serve benchmarking purposes and to monitor the evolution of TEN-T network performance over time.

Beautiful Roads Of Europe 2013
September 26, 2018
Beautiful Roads Of Europe 2013
6.8 MiB

Digital version of the 2013 Beautiful Roads of Europe book. The book was produced to salute CEDR's 10th anniversary with a celebration of the roads of CEDR members.

TR2018 02 AM4INFRA Report
September 12, 2018
TR2018 02 AM4INFRA Report
2.7 MiB
CR 2018-1 CEDR Call 2014 Asset Management And Maintenance End Of Programme Report
September 3, 2018
CR 2018-1 CEDR Call 2014 Asset Management And Maintenance End Of Programme Report
0.7 MiB

About CEDR

CEDR is the Road Directors’ platform for cooperation and promotion of improvements to the road system and its infrastructure, as an integral part of a sustainable transport system in Europe. Its members represent their respective national road authorities or equivalents and provide support and advice on decisions concerning the road transport system that are taken at national or international level.The basic physical and organizational structures and facilities (e.g. buildings, roads, power supplies) needed for the operation of a society or enterprise (Oxford English Dictionary).


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