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Portugal joins CEDR

The 28th Governing Board of CEDR has accepted Portugal as a member. Meeting in Leipzig during the International Transport Forum’s Summit, the Governing Board welcomed the application of Instituto da Mobilidade e dos Transportes, I.P.

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Technical Report 2017/06
July 10, 2017
Technical Report 2017/06
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This report reflects the findings of the CEDR Task Group on Asset Management within CEDR Strategic Plan 3 - 2013-2017 (SP3), aiming to provide a perspective on strengthening of cooperation and learning from road agencies in Europe within the asset management arena.

CEDR2017-03 State of the art in managing road traffic noise: summary report
June 12, 2017
CEDR2017-03 State of the art in managing road traffic noise: summary report
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The latest innovative research in the areas of noise reducing pavements, noise barriers, and
cost-benefit analysis (CBA)/cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) was comprehensively reviewed
and assessed by CEDR Task Group I6 (Road Noise).

CEDR2017-02 Utilising ITS for NRAs
May 3, 2017
CEDR2017-02 Utilising ITS for NRAs
1.8 MiB

This report outlines the main achievements and conclusions of CEDR task group N7 (ITS for NRAs, TG N7) during CEDR’s Strategic Plan 3 (SP3) 2013–2017.

CEDR2017-01 Reducing congestion with integrated network management
May 3, 2017
CEDR2017-01 Reducing congestion with integrated network management
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Smart mobility solutions such as integrated network management (INM) can help reduce congestion, ensure more efficient, safer, and cleaner transportation, and improve services for road users. When viewed from this perspective, integrated network management is defined as ‘an approach that includes both traffic management and traffic information measures integrated and managed within a transport network’ and is seen both as essential for the effective reduction of congestion and a no-regrets development.

About CEDR

CEDR is the Road Directors’ platform for cooperation and promotion of improvements to the road system and its infrastructure, as an integral part of a sustainable transport system in Europe. Its members represent their respective national road authorities or equivalents and provide support and advice on decisions concerning the road transport system that are taken at national or international level.

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The leader of the National Road Administration or equivalent body of any European country may become a member of CEDR.

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